Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swamped... in more ways than one...

Sorry for those of you who are concerned! Everything is fine... for the most part.

Swamp #1 - We were out of town Aug 31- Sept 10. We went down to Mississippi and Louisianian - swampland :) We were visiting Jerome's family - Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brother, Mother, Father, Niece, and Nephews... and then some... as we had also attended another family reunion while we were there.

I finally can say that I have been to New Orleans. Although, I have heard how impressed the Monty Crew is with the city ( so much so that they honeymooned there) I can't say I was too impressed. Now, after speaking with Linda (a co-worker of mine of 5 years) I find out that I would have been more impressed had we been there at night. True, I hit Canal and Bourbon Street in daylight. I honestly thought it was just like any other city. I missed the night life, the people in the streets, the stumbling drunkenness in the streets, the performers. All of it. Guess I'll have to go again-this time at night :)

Swamp #2 - Since my return from my vacation I have been swamped at work. I've got a few big projects all full steam ahead and will wrap up come October 5th.... and the system that I work on has been broken for the past week... not good. Sorry for those co-workers that I may have chewed their head off and then spit it right back out. Honestly.

Swamp #3 - Today we had a bit of a down pour here. And when I say a bit I mean holy crap! The window wells filled up - and yes, we do have window well covers over them!!!! So I went outside - in the rain and scooped water out of the well with a pitcher into a bucket that I then slung over the fence to the front yard. JEEEEZE! We have had enough of what damage can happen when it rains. Between the power outages, the trees uprooting, and now this. Enough.

So yes, we are live... just... swamped :)

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  1. Wow! You guys and the weather!! You should move to WI I hear there are less storms there! LOL Just kidding!

    Hope everything dries out soon!

    How is JST? Any baby in sight?