Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend in review - a drinking weekend

So Thursday night we went out to dinner at FRIDAYS and hung out for happy hour there... cheap drinks and appetizers! We went home and decided that since we weren't working on Friday that we should just kick back and have some drinks. Rum and cokes were on order... we were watching TV downstairs when the doorbell rang. (Mind you it's like 9pm!) What the heck?!!?!?! Jerome's cousin RM showed up at the house. We ended up going out to a little bar with him and his friend. It was pretty fun - anyone been to Hogsbreath in St. Paul?

Friday early morning RM and friend left back home. Jerome left them out and locked up. I continued to sleep in. We went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was pretty good! Although, I did notice two things that I didn't notice in the other "Bourne" movies... one - When you drive forward and hit a car and then throw it in reverse and show a car driving backwards, there should be front end damage to the car, and two - really long fight scenes that start to look like "b*tch slap flights" should not be part of a "man movie" especially when it's two guys who are in the fight. Other than that... great flick... that's all I'm saying... no more details.

Afterwards we went to Anna's for a BBQ. We ended up leaving earlier than planned - someone drank a wee bit too much I think. But we won't go into that.

Saturday night we went to Collette's 40th Birthday party for a bit. We got lost on the way... going past our destination. Eventually we made it there and were greeted by the Pep into the house. We made our way to the food and cocktails and then outside for fireworks and smores over the fire. Yum.

On our way home Jerome and I stopped by a park and looked at the ducks swimming in the stream. It was so peaceful... we really enjoyed the "park in the city".

Sunday we didn't do much of anything... I ran to the bank and the grocery store... that was the extent of my outing for the day...

Not much planned for the week... I hope to make it down to the bridge site to take some photos, but other than that... nothing at all.


  1. Maybe some day I will be able to drink with you! :)

  2. Well if Andy would quit touching you!

    And you know, once he does stop then Jerome will start... :)