Thursday, August 23, 2007

Computer Issue Part I

It's not really a computer issue as it is more of a company issue. We purchased our new computer through the company's online function since it was cheaper and the store that we were in didn't have all the pieces to make the package. We had to go to another store to pick it up.

When we got there, our order wasn't picked yet. That's fine and good, but can you get it? Sure... they had it to the front of the store within 5 minuets or so. We checked out and were on our way.

Before we left, we noticed that the receipt that we signed was less than what was quoted online. We questioned it, not that we had a problem with it, but just wanted to know. A manager was called over and told us that their store had it listed as cheaper than online, and thus it was cheaper than the store that we frequent much more often. Hummm. Okay.

We went home and lived life with our "cheaper" computer. Until the payment hit our account. They took the quoted online price and not the cheaper amount. What the heck?

So yesterday, we went back to the original store that it right out our back door. Talked to a rep and everything is figured out now. We will be getting a refund within 48 hours for the $30 difference.

We will be watching!

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