Monday, June 18, 2007

Garage Sale Weekend has come and gone...

So the big event was this past weekend, our garage sale.

Wednesday night my co-work MV came over to drop off some kids clothes and a few other things for my sale. As she set up her goodies I kinda took a break. I skipped out on my contact fitting appointment and set up the tables and such in the garage. When she brought in her items that's when it felt like a true sale.

Thursday after work I dropped Jerome off at home while I headed to a happy hour for an old boss. He was canned, or in nice terms laid off from our company a few weeks short of his 10 year mark.... makes you wonder! Anyways, while I was sipping on my single beer Jerome was at home checking things off a list that I had of things to do by the end of the night. How lucky am I that once I got home most of the items were already done! Thanks Hun.

So we set up the sale more and more, figured out what things would be outside, what would remain inside of the garage, etc, etc. I wondered a bit how I was going to do this all by myself in the morning... but, Jerome called in sick on Friday, poor baby was sick. :)

We woke up Friday morning and started setting items up. I put the signs all out around our little neighborhood and grabbed breakfast for us from McDonald's. Stupid McDonald's tried to short us a Hashbrown... how dare they! I had to run back to McDonald's to complain. Soon after breakfast our first customers showed up. It was a long and hot day - we even had the A/C unit that we found during dumpster days going in the garage. So many people wanted to buy it that we stuck a "not for sale" sign on it! We had a great turn out and plenty of sales. One of our customers was nice enough to tell us that our sign down the street had been knocked down/blown over. Jerome ran down the street to fix it. Even Nicole made a surprise appearance at the sale.

It rained Friday night, and Saturday morning there was a ton of fog. I watched the weather and it said that around noon we should be having showers... not the case though! I ran around making sure all of our signs we still standing only to find out the one that had been knocked down the other day to be missing. Yup, I think our neighbors stole it... how awful... and they weren't even home... JERKS! So I made another one out of scrap wood that we had and set it up on the opposite corner. Another good sale day and a pretty good turn out, but I think Fridays was better. We sold our TV that was in our living room, we tried to load it into the guys car, but it didn't fit. He said he would come back on Sunday to pick it up in his brothers truck.

Sunday we sat around... in the heat... burning up. I ran around looking for the signs, now paranoid that our signs were all going to be missing. YUP... one more sign gone. JEEEZE. This time I took a end table that we were trying to sell off and made a sign. Silly me put the arrows on but didn't check the other side... I had arrows going both ways! Ughh... So I had to repaint it.

Anna and Nate showed up in support of the sale. We tried to get Anna to buy anything and everything that we thought she should have. She ended up getting tons of stuff - and all three lamps... wooo hooo no more sitting in the dark! It was a slow day, but then again it was Father's Day (Happy Father's Day Dad!) and a Sunday at that. So we didn't make much of a profit on Sunday and started closing up shop at 3 pm - gathering the other contributors items into piles so they can take them away, moving tables around so maybe we can use 1/2 of the garage for the truck or cars, and bringing the stuff from outside in. We had a few more customers - after all it was 1/2 price day! But I think we were officially closed at 4:30.

All in all we made a pretty good profit. Next year I think we'll be having another one - so start saving your stuff now... but beware, you'll need your own table and I will probably be charging some sort of fee for us sitting there selling your stuff if you aren't there. (This year, not a big deal as there wasn't all that much stuff from others - one of those contributors even tried to make us money with Pull Tabs!)

We will be dumpster diving this year and making money off of other peoples trash!!!!

So... 2 signs stolen, 1 pair of earrings stolen, 1 switching of price stickers that was caught, dumpster junk sold for a profit, TV sold at a profit, one McDonald's hashbrown almost missed
... and money made to boot... I'd say was a pretty good run for three days!

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  1. Nothing like making a little money back. Especially when you're making money from the dumpster diving stuff!

    I need to find myself a way of making money off other people's stuff!!