Monday, May 07, 2007

More guests in town...

This past Friday we had some guests come into town. Yup... Monty Crew visited us - well the adults did anyway! They had a little "get-a-way-from-me" weekend from the bambinos and their dog and choose to come to MN to visit us!
Friday we had plans to meet up with them at the stadium for the Twins vs. Red Socks (baseball - for those of you who don't follow that's MN vs. Boston). Jerome had a happy hour gig after work so I road the train to the stadium to meet him. As I was waiting for him to ride the train from the other way to the stadium one of the security guys walked up to me and told me that the train that was coming in next would be out of service once it reached the stadium. I told him, "I don't care as long as my boyfriend gets off the train"... WOOOOPS... (go back and re-read that sentence.... I'll wait....)
Yup... I called my husband of nine months my boyfriend. Doh! I started laughing as soon as I said it and the security guy probably thought I was crazy so I told him what I was laughing about and he chuckled himself! I was glad to see Jerome actually get off of that train and walk away from this situation.

We waited for The Monty's since they had purchased our tickets so that we could all be seated together. Finally Susha called and asked where we were... we saw them standing at the corner of the landmark that I gave them looking for us. I told Susha to turn around, keep turning, keep turning... (making a full turn around!)... then she spotted us and headed our way.

We made our way into the stadium with our tickets in hand. We also made a whole lap around the stadium... thanks to Andy's guided tour :) Tee heee! Jerome went in and found four seats - ends up there wasn't assigned seats for our section - what do you expect for $10??? The three of us went and picked up some food and drinks and then headed up.

We saw a very drunk little girl (little girl ha... she was probably 20, maybe even 21... isn't that just how old I am????) fall all the way down the steps and knock poor Jerome's beer over a bit. She'll feel that in the morning I suppose. We left at the 7th or 8th inning since The Monty's were giving us a ride back to our house and had parked in a parking ramp. Now I'm speaking from experience here... if you are going to stay all the way through some event... do not park in a parking ramp... it will take you an hour to get down from the 9th floor of the ramp (Smile Lisa!)
We headed home and I warned them ahead of time of the dumpster dives that were going on in our area to beware of crazy drivers and heaps of junk on the lawns. Well guess what we did... yup... me and Susha went out for a bit! We left the guys at the house and took some flashlights to sniff around. It's much harder in the dark but we still managed to find a few things... and Susha made the bigger haul than me :) Needless to say she said she wants to come out next year when this is going on... should be a fun time!

They stayed at our house Friday night and when we awoke on Saturday morning I thought to myself I wonder what I should make for breakfast. I went to the cupboards... hummm only enough pancake mix for two people. Went to the fridge... only four eggs... enough for two people... checked the milk - we could always just have a bowl of cereal... only enough for one person... JEEEEZE! Andy saved the day by heading over to Mickey D's for some breakfast... yummy!

I checked for when the nail shop opened - 9:30 a.m. We planned to get there shortly after they opened... and we did. Trisha and I both got pedis I couldn't wait. The guys ended up going after Trisha eBay winnings an hour north of us. Her kids better be on their best behavior... momma got them some nice things this weekend!

After our pedis we looked around Bloomington to see if we could find any dumpster treasures in the daylight... on pick up day. We didn't have much luck - I wish she could have seen it on Thursday... she would have died! We decided to go on a quick shopping trip into Target, I picked up some coals for the grill. Then I showed her The Avenue. Great store for big girls and plenty of sale items! We headed home and started getting food ready for lunch. Brats and hamburgers on the grill. I ran to the store to pick up milk, eggs, tomatoes and potato chips. This way I was set for Sunday's breakfast! After dinner they hung out for a bit and then headed over to their hotel for Saturday night after their concert. Sounds like it was pretty posh.

Jerome and I headed to Anna's to take her the twin bed that we use to have in our 2nd bedroom in the apartment. It was originally hers and she let us borrow it for when we had guest or the girls over night. Jerome helped her switch the locks on the bedroom doors (one had a lock and one didn't) and Chris made himself at home in his new bed. We watched Firehouse Dog and then left out.

We headed home and I started cleaning up the kitchen to prep for Sunday's breakfast with The Monty's. We made plans to have omelets in the morning. They were bringing the bacon and juice, I was supplying the eggs and veggies. I chopped up the veggies and shredded the cheese. I also set the table and got the coffee pot ready. I headed to bed around 2 a.m.

I woke up Sunday morning and was brushing my teeth as they called to find out if we were up yet or not. But of course! The headed over and breakfast started. The winds started to pick up while we sat at the kitchen table chatting and while Jerome was eating since he was the last to have his omelet made. It sounded like the house was shifting from the wind, the lites even flickered a few times (I'm sure it had nothing to do with cutting limbs down last weekend... wink wink!).

At one point I got up and walked into the living room... and then I noticed... two huge limbs from the tree that is between our house and our neighbors had broken off and were sitting in our driveway. Oh boy! Well at least The Monty's had pulled their van up to our garage... imagine if they had just left it near our front door vs. our back door... well I'd be writing a totally different post! The guys got up and hauled the branches to our backyard. And the Monty's left out of town while they could. Jerome went back to eating his omelet and I went a picked up other sticks that had fallen from all of our trees.

I told Jerome they should have just put it between our houses instead of our backyard... what were we going to do with it... we couldn't cut it up! So he and I hauled it to the grass between our houses and told the neighbors son about it. He came right out with his chainsaw and chopped it up. We picked up the rest of the yard and Jerome told me he was heading to St. Paul to pick up JST.

I stayed home and chatted with the neighbors since it seemed like everyone was out picking up their yard. To bad the dumpster crew picked up on Saturday - lots of people had tons of sticks and limbs to go out!

JST came to our house and hung out for a good bit. She and I chatted while Jerome mowed the lawn. For those of you who have been wondering.... JST is the mommy to be. Yup, I'll be a grandma before I'm a real momma! We caught up about things going on in her life, how she's feeling and we even took some belly pics. The photo is manipulated to protect her privacy. She's five months and is due Sept. 25th. She seems very happy... I hope she stays that way.

She looked at our wedding pictures that I had out on the table since we are going to be ordering them in two weeks. She asked why some were glossy vs. matte. WHAT?!?!?! Oh good lord. Here I or Jerome had mixed up the original pictures with some that we had reprinted. Big no no since we needed to bring the originals to the shop to order. We figured everything out... thank goodness but without JST looking at the photos we could have had some big issues with the photography people (not that we haven't already!)

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I even managed to cut some lilacs for inside the house and plant the rest of my peas in my garden.

Oh shooot... that's another thing. When my parents were in town last weekend we tried to help one of my purple lilac trees from growing into the while lilac bush. Well perhaps we shouldn't have helped it by tying it to the fence... one of the limbs busted in the wind storm. I don't know if lilacs will "regrow" or not... but I stuck it in the ground in hopes that it would... we will see!


  1. We had a blast and I WILL be back for dumpster days! I love that!! Gotta let me know when the best time is to come over by you next year!

  2. congrats grandma and grandpa!! A little bird let me in on the news earlier in the week. p