Friday, May 04, 2007

Last Two Weeks at a Glance

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day... did you get your admin anything? I did. Leslie actually use to be my boss, and being that I use to be an admin I tend to show a lot of love to good admins.... she's the best. Unfortunately I couldn't find any chocolate fried pies for her, her favorite, but the search is on. Instead she got a Sam's Club chocolate bunt cake and some flowers. Needless to say, she felt the love.

Thursday was dumpster dive nite, round one. I picked up a few things but I am now in the search for specific things. I went out by myself and met up with Holly, Sheri and Sheri's mom. We had a blast as usual. Holly ended up leaving early while I helped Sheri and her mom fit everything into Sheri's car. Now mind you I was still in search of baby things... more to come soon, I promise. We ended up splitting up again and I found a great shelf unit 3 tier and plenty of other things.

Friday I left work early for an eye appointment. I was suppose to get my eyes dilated... but I had to have them do that next time since I HAD TO go dumpster diving with Jerome! I had to be able to see... jeeze! So we went out afterwards and checked things out. We found a bassinet which was the big hit item. We went home and picked up around the house since I found out that mom and dad were coming up for the weekend once I checked my email when we got home.

Saturday was Lisa's first bridal shower. She picked me up and we headed to Walgreen's to meet up with Rod's mom and sister. They followed us to the shower. It was pretty fun and yes, we played the orange game that we played at my bridal shower that she threw with Anna for me. We drove to my house and I called Jerome on the way. He was dropping off all these wonderful baby items to the "mommy to be" and was suppose to be back by 1:00 in case mom and dad arrived a little early. He wasn't there! Ughhh... So Lisa put the petal to the metal and we made it home all of 5 to 10 minuets before my parents arrived. She had planned to go on eBay at my house to order some petals for the center pieces... while we were online she noticed that she forgot shipping charges... she's double checking prices before we order them online.

Lisa left once mom and dad arrived. Dad started pulling things off and out of the truck. The new truck, and unfortunately got new scratches in the bed of the truck from something that had been shifting on their drive into the cities. Sad! Then it started. Dad propped up the ladder in the tree. It swayed and swayed as he getting it in the air. I was sure he was going to hit the power line. He managed to get it right next to the power line, I squealed. I hate power lines, phone lines, electric lines of any sort. I told him it was nice knowing him as he climbed the ladder. Ugh it made me sick. He so stubborn, guess that's where I get it from as Jerome would say. Mom and I just looked up at him as he took a rope up the ladder to tie around the branch.

FINALLY Jerome arrived and he could help him. Whew. They cut down two big branches that, when looking up from the ground didn't look so big... but once they came shooting down from the sky were plenty big and now our neighbor will have some firewood for her fireplace.

Once that part was done we started on the front lawn. Dad yanked out the Christmas tree that was hitting the underside of the house (eaves?) Mom and I and Jerome got to hacking at the shrubs in the front also. We cleaned everything up with the blower and were going to get dinner going, or so I thought. Mom and I had gone into the garage to put the blower away and I showed her the edger that I had found while dumpster diving. She told me to bring it out to the front yard to see if it worked. Well it did. So now I guess we are keeping it!

Sunday Dad and Jerome installed our "new to us" stove... it's electric instead of gas. So they had to cap the gas line and install some sort of a plug and wire it all to the box which if you know my house is waaaaaay on the other end of the house from the kitchen. Mom and I worked on transplanting the hostas and ran to a few stores looking at plants to put in place of the Christmas tree... I'm thinking a flowering plant or bush. Anyone have anything they want to get rid of???? We started my garden - two pepper plants. Mom raked it and I put up the wire fencing that I picked up while dumpster diving this year.

We grilled out for the first time this year on Sunday as well. We ate outside on the deck and kicked back with a few beers. Jerome and I had to work on Monday and that's when Mom and Dad were leaving. Of course when it came time for me to get up and get moving I didn't want to. Plus, Mom and Dad were still at the house. So, I took a 1/2 day - took a nap in the morning and got my hair cut and then worked from home in the afternoon.

Tuesday I had a taste test in St. Paul. Funny thing is, when I got there I was told that they had ran out of testing items so they gave me my $30 check and I was on my way. Wooo hoo! Now if that wasn't the easiest $30 I ever made! I hung out with Lisa afterwards and did some wedding shopping with her. I picked up some Hickory Hut wings, okra, and Hojos. YUM-O!

Wednesday we set out our stuff for our dumpster day pick up which is this Saturday. We bundled the rest of the tree limbs together with the handy dandy rope that I picked up while dumpster diving. And that's that... your two weeks at a glance... now onto today..... and the pictures will come eventually to give you more ideas as to what this post really means!

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