Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So Jerome has found a new love in the house... wires. Yup - wires. There are speaker wires all throughout the house... we even found it in one of the ducts the other day. He really wants to wire the house to have speakers in all the rooms (as far as I know with the exception of the bedrooms) to run off of one stereo.

Sounds easy enough, knock yourself out.

He found one shortly after we moved in that leads to the laundry room. Nice. I found two that we in the well water closet which then to the holes we found in the ceiling which now have mini surround sound speakers attached to them.

There's also the one that came up from the basement into our living room. Craziness.

Well we are now on the search for volume control dials. We found some at Best Buy and I told Jerome that I think I could find them cheaper online.

Then we ended up at Target and searched there. They only had them in a packaged deal with speakers and anything else you need - more wire!

Then we ended up at Radio Shack where Jerome purchased a dial. I'm still going to see if I can find them online somewhere.

Anyone have any insite on these?


  1. OH NO! Now Andy is gonna wanna do this too! He has talked about it for years! Keep the boys seperate!! :P