Friday, April 20, 2007

Dumpster Diving - week two part two

Here's the truck... filled to the brim...

This is the first time we've ever had to tie something to the roof! We found two shelving units with doors but I didn't take pictures of them. We're looking to see if they will work for in the laundry room or somewhere else. I also found a sewing machine. Not sure if it works - heck I don't really know how to even use one... but we will see!

Looks like a brand new golf bag - mom?

Car ramps for those oil changes that Jerome will be doing :)

Another umbrella - this one came with a base though... oh wait... we switched that out at a different house... but we've got a base now too!

Baby highchair. I'll explain more in a future post... no it's not me!

Baby stroller - same thing. Not me. Exciting part though... this is an Eddie Bauer stroller!

Baby bouncer/net enclosed chair. This too is Eddie Bauer. This I will keep - especially if it works once we get batteries in it.

Metal folding shelf - see the butterfly or bug in the wire?

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  1. So if the stroller isn't for you who is it for??!!