Friday, April 20, 2007

Date Night was Fantastic!

I picked Jerome up after work and we drove home. I changed quick and then we were off to our date.

We drove to the theater and parked the truck. We ran in to be sure we could get seating since it stated it was first come first served. Check. We walked around for a bit in Uptown. I knew there was our bank chain somewhere in that neck of the woods and I knew we would need cash to pay for parking so we searched for that. Once we got money we headed to where we thought the bar/restaurant was. Well it wasn't where we thought it was. We looked around and around and finally I noticed that it's sign was in the window of the strip mall where The Independent and Famous Dave's is. Just plain silly!

We sat down at the bar and place our $2 orders. I had some wine, Jerome had Blue Moon beer. And the food... well the food was divine and just plain spectacular for $2! We finished up dinner and headed toward the movie theater when we noticed that we would be way early. We stopped in Cheapo (music exchange type of store) and looked around.

I remembered that Jerome had wanted the series of Stargate-SG1 so we searched for that to find only season 1 disc 2. LOL. We'll see next time!

We left there and headed to the theater. We were still way early and they weren't seating our movie yet. I decided to run to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to get up during the movie from the two glasses of wine. I asked the ticket taker if I could use the one that she stated was around the corner - of course. I open the door thinking it would be a row of stalls... oh no... one bathroom and someone forgot to lock the freakin door!!!! Yup... I walked in on someone. Woooops.

Jerome wanted some popcorn and at this theater you can add your own flavoring to the popcorn. Gosh was that GREAT! We had garlic Parmesan popcorn and cheese popcorn. YUM-O!

We sat down for the movie and watch it. Pretty good. I was surprised at some points and concerned why some pieces didn't end up on the cutting room floor. I won't get into it just in case anyone out there is going to see it once it comes out next week.

When the movie was over we left for home. All for about $20 bucks.

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  1. Walking on people on the "shitter" seems to be your trademark! :) LOL