Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Fool's Day Post

Here I sat the day of April 1st wondering what to do as my April Fool's Day "trick".

I opened my email to find out that gmail was starting up a paper archive for everyone who wanted it... how nice of them. I thought about how Skittles had a furious post about her hubby and hoped that everything would work it's way out. That's when it hit me.

Me, not being prego, would send a post out to all of you that read this little ol' blog and fool you. I knew there would be a few people who would pick up on it right away and others who wouldn't have a clue. I actually accidentally fooled someone who I didn't want to fool about this situation. Here's the story....

I launched the post of the prego test picture that I totally stole from The Monty Crew's site. I called Jerome up from downstairs because I wanted to show him the joke so he wouldn't be caught off guard. Well... I shouldn't have told him to come up when I wasn't sitting at the computer - instead I was heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water and telling him to check out the blog.

I hate to say it... I fooled him accidentally. He was so happy and excited. He wanted to see the tests. I felt really bad... and said... "April Fool's". I would hope that Jerome would know that I wouldn't be telling blogland that I am pregnant before I told him. And that I wouldn't be telling him by leaving something up on the computer. I thought wrong. I'm sorry hunny.

So... to confirm for everyone out there... I am not pregnant... YET. Of course, I hope we will be pregnant soon and yes, I will tell you. Promise. But, you will not be first, and probably not even second. Eventually though, I will tell you blogland.... promise.

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