Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So on Monday I left work early to pick up PST and her boyfriend from the airport. They were off in Mississippi visiting family there for about a week. I arrived early even though they had already landed so I was driving the loop in and out of the airport baggage claim area. In sunlight, out of sunlight, in sunlight, out of sunlight, in sunlight, out of sunlight... and on and on.

I'm not sure if this is what triggered it but that's when it started. A dull ache behind my eyes. Ughhh.

PST and boyfriend jumped in the car and we headed for home. They were going to stay for a taco dinner and have Jerome install a CD player in the car. The two of them ran to Best Buy while I ran to the grocery store for taco supplies that we didn't have on hand. When I returned they were waiting outside - wooops. At least they hadn't been waiting long.

They came inside and started watching some college basketball game or another while I started dinner. I chopped and minced and did all the wonders of the kitchen with no problem. Jerome came home and all three of them went out to look at the car where they were going to install the CD player. Thank goodness... now I can turn the basketball game down! I wrapped up dinner and set the table. Boyfriend came in first, took a seat, and I told him to dig in while it's warm. PST came in next, pulled up a chair and dug in. Jerome was still fussing outside. I called him in and we sat down for dinner.

Then it hit me. I was in my 2nd taco and there was nothing more that I wanted to do but to go to sleep. Noooooooo! I made myself finish dinner, not knowing when I would be able to eat again. I went and sat on the couch - turned the TV onto something "less active" while everyone else went back outside to work on the car. Apparently they forgot a screw or bolt or something so they ran to a part store. I remained on the couch. When they came back they all came inside. I reached for an ice pack out of the freezer and I think Jerome knew something was up. I told him I thought a migraine was coming on. Boy was I right.

I told them that I was going to go lay down for a bit, but I would try to be back up before they left. I went to bed into one of the deepest sleeps I've had for awhile. One block solid hour later I was awake. I turned the TV on in our room and watched a little while I drifted in and out of sleep. I had taken two Tylenol before I had gone to bed. Then my cell phone rang. What the heck??? Doesn't everyone know I'm out of commission? Jeeeze...

I went to answer it and missed the call. I called back the number. Here it was a Pampered Chef host wanting to place an order. Great.... I take her info, and feel fine. As soon as I get off the phone though I head back to bed.

I slept pretty good Monday night, all things considered. Then Tuesday started. I took the day off of work since I couldn't lift my head without it causing me extreme pain. I slept most of the day.... and ended up eating a whole package of Saltine crackers throughout the day and only water. I was to the point of going way beyond my normal migraine - boy do I hate to say normal. (I've only had about 3 or 4 but none of them were like this!) I got sick around 11 am and went back to bed. I woke up and watched about a half hour of TV and fell back asleep. I woke back up to hear Lily yakking herself. I don't need sympathy puke Lil! Back to bed.

I was in bed all freakin day.

I woke up at about 3:30 and headed to the bathroom. Before I went there I called Jerome and told him to stop at Walgreen's on his way home from work. I told him to ask the Pharmacist to show him where migraine over the counter stuff was because the Tylenol is not helping me at all. I got sick. Stayed in the bathroom covering up with a towel. I was freezing. Jerome came home and tossed the box my way. I attempted to open it.... and just put it on the counter. He came back after hearing me dang near dieing and asked what he could do... Ummmm open the bottle??!!?!

Off to bed again. I woke up at 7 pm feeling okay. The throbbing was gone. But light and loud sounds still weren't cool. I finished off the 1st package of Saltines and started on my 2nd. I sat on the couch with Jerome watching Stargate. He should know that I was sick if I was watching that without complaining. :)

I went to bed at about 9 pm. Woke up at midnight thinking I heard Lily getting sick. False alarm. Then I was up. I got sick at 1 am and decided I'm going for an appointment Wednesday morning. I stayed on the couch for the rest of the night.

Jerome woke up at his usual time and got ready for work. He cooked himself an egg and I about died from the smell. Ughhhhhh. Please migraine just go away. I've been up ever since, but not getting sick - knock on wood.

I called the appointment line for my clinic at 1 am and even tried to make an appointment online. No go. The phone line isn't manned all night long... so I called at 7 am on the dot to get an appointment. My usual clinic is all full for appointments today and doesn't open until 8am anyway. So I've been writing this here post since 7:05 or so. I'll go take a shower and head over there and hope they can squeeze me in.

So my big question to all of you... do you suffer from migraines? What are you symptoms? What do you do to fix it?


  1. I'm not so bad that I get sick and mine only last a few hours. I take the exedrin migrain stuff and lay in a dark room w/ no kids. Go to the dr and get the real drugs!

  2. maybe are you pregnant??!!

  3. Enough with this anonymous stuff... who said that??? I know P = pam... but who said pregnant?

  4. Can't tell you, you'll get mad.

  5. so are you? Certain smells make you nautious,saltines, water...nee I say more?!

  6. Trish tells me that she was not the anonymous user. Just as an FYI. That gets rid of the typical pregnancy pusher.


  7. And you know I thought it was her!

    Let me tell you this... no I'm not. I went to the Dr. and got a script for imatrex yesterday... it's migraines.

    But ask me in a few months... starting after Lisa's wedding :)