Monday, March 26, 2007


So questions have been asked about how Lily has been since going to the vet. Well, she hasn't changed her attitude at all I'll give her that. I put together another litter box and placed it in the room where we are having the "issue" the day after we went to the vet.

Knock on wood... since that day she hasn't had any accidents and has been using the new litter box just fine. Odd that she can see the other box from where she sits in the new box... but if that is what floats her boat and it means no more spots in the carpet I'm all for it.

Jerome on the other hand is ready to see the 1st and 2nd box gone, along with Lil. Poor girl gets no love from him!


  1. Glad Lil is deciding to behave!!

    Tell Jerome the nicer he is to Lilly the more you might consider a DOG! Maybe he will change his tune!

  2. I think Jerome is right on the money. Stinky kitty pee needs to go! :)