Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Camp what?

So you know I live in the city of the biggest mall in the land... Mall of America.

Camp Snoopy use to be part of the mall - the amusement park section. Today, it will get a new name after the decade or so partnership with Snoopy and friends that ended in 2006.
There is talk of Sponge Bob... I'll let you know when I know... I'm sure it will be the talk of the town, right up there with all the snow and bomb squads!
UPDATE: Yes, Nickelodeon will be the partner with the park inside of MOA. Meaning yes, Sponge Bob, Dora, Jimmy Neutron and more will be in the mega mall.
In Spring 2008 expect to tote your kids over this-a-way to see what all the buzz is about. Just don't say "I don't know" so you aren't slimmed!

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