Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Psychic Friends Network said...

a lot of things last night. Oh let me start over.

Last night an old co-worker of mine was having a happy hour birthday party for herself on Grand Ave in St. Paul. Jerome and I were invited so off we went for free appetizers of chicken wings, coconut shrimp and some sort of fungus on bread (mushrooms) and of course a few drinks.

We weren't there long before my co-worker Donna and shortly there after Nicole showed up. We all were at a table gabbing.

Alex, the birthday girl had a psychic there reading people. Of course I wanted a reading and thought Jerome should have one too! When she came around I took her up on the offer to read me.

We went and sat just off of the part at a small table for two across from each other. She asked me my full name and full birth date. I told her my name and birth date. She rubbed her hands together and pondered a bit.

She told me a few things that were totally true... The last year and half has been rough. (Really... can you say the wedding from h-e-double hockey sticks?) And that I have to have everything just right. Just perfect. (I was thinking can you say OCD?) That I need to have things done in a proper way and if they aren't I get angry. (True.)

She told me that I need to let it go... just a little. That I've become too strict on things and it's bringing me down a little. (Okay... sure.)

She said some things about friends who may not really be true friends...(acquaintances) and that they are causing some of this. And that I should cut my ties to them. (Hummm... who's doing this... step up!)

Then she told me to ask her anything.

Ummm... when will I have a baby?

She told me that I need to go to the doctor. I may have a medical condition, that is okay and "fixable" but needs to be taken care of before I will get pregnant. (Yes, it is time for my annual appointment. Guess I best schedule that!) She also said that I may end up having a miscarriage at some point, but I either won't know that I'm even pregnant or I won't be far a long - and stressed that it would not be "a few month" pregnant and have this happened. She did also say I will have a baby within the next year. (Hummm... okay :) ) She had said all she could about the topic and asked if there was anything else.

I guess I should ask about my job shouldn't I?

Your job is your job. You like it... but are getting a little bored. Being that you are getting a little bored you are making things more streamlined for yourself. Being organized. (Sure am! Can we say Implementation Guide for new sites, oh wait I can't talk about work on my blog!) Some people love what you are doing while others are pissed about it. (Her words, not mine) Some people were hoping to get the credit for it and you have burned some bridges. You don't need to build those bridges back up but be aware that they are burned and you won't be able to turn to them for help. You'll be there a good while but in two years you'll start looking for something more. Anything else?

Is he the one?

Yes. He is the one. He's the one you want and need to be with. But, you think he should be more. You put him in to certain "categories or buckets" where you think he should strive and fail to notice when he does well in other "categories or buckets" because you're worrying about the other ones. Stop it and let it go. He's good to you. You love him. You will make it work.

You're right. Thank you.

We got up and walked down the stairs. She told me at that point, "and by the way, it's a XXXXXXXXXX". Can't tell you what she said... we'll just have to wait and see! For those of you that were there... keep your mouth shut!


  1. Damn! I really wanted to go to that party, but had to go to class and rehearse for the CNY demo instead. Tell Alex to write me, eh?

    And congratulations on the XXXXX. :-)

  2. Teee heee... a XXXXX can you believe it???? :)

    Alex said last night that she would be getting in contact with you soon.

  3. sounds like you had fun....are you sure you don't want to tell me what XXXXX is? I promise I won't tll....