Wednesday, January 31, 2007

As you know...

I sell kitchen tools in home demonstrations for a company that I can't name... but is known as PC here.

Well we just switched who we ship our products out from. It use to be UPS and has now changed to FedEx. I've never dealt with said company so this will be my first experience with them. I had a fine experience with UPS and now have the feeling that I will miss them.

Good things , FedEx will deliver up until 8pm. They also deliver on Saturdays.

Bad things, they don't deliver on Mondays. Why I don't know... but they don't. Another thing... my FedEx guy sucks.

This brings me to this post.

Last night I had a delivery of my free new product from our next catalog for submitting two shows in December. I heard the truck idling outside and I went to the door to see if it was for me. I flicked on the light since it was dark out and wanted to show that there was a path to our front door.

The FedEx guy walked to the front steps with box in hand. He handed it to me with no words in exchange. As he turned and walked away I asked if he was the usual delivery guy for this area and he said "well, yeah". Ummm okay, I thought to myself... nice meeting you jerk.

Can I get your name, can I tell you I want my packages delivered to the back of the house, can I tell you that you'll be coming by here often with packages from The PC? No. He ran to his truck and drove off. JERK.

I turned and went back inside and opened the box. I noticed a smell... good lord he must be a chain smoker?!?!?! Ughhh. Thank goodness it wasn't broken I wouldn't want to have to have him come and pick it up!


  1. ugh! He does sound like a jerk!!

  2. give him a break...he doesn't know you're a frequent shipper!

    Although, I do like my ups guys!


  3. I'd give him a break if he would let me.... he didn't even say HI!!!