Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The bun is toasting...

No not me... stop that!

Trisha's going in on the 30th to start the process of inducing for Mr. Dawson, her and Andy's third edition... good luck hun and call me when you've got him safe and sound!

Ohhhhh perhaps a Halloween baby... how fun :)


  1. Hey! Thanks for the blurb on here about baby #3! I am soooooooooo ready! LOL Monday is fast approaching and I can't wait. I am now sleeping in the recliner in the livingroom as the bed is no longer comfortable at all. Miss my Andy! :( It is worth it though!

    Let's hope the induction doesn't take too long...I am think I may write out some HAPPY HOLIDAYS cards to put birth announcments in and skip the Dec. cards!(shrug)We shall see!