Monday, September 18, 2006

Day 1 Demolition in the Basement

So we finally have the people here working on the basement... I just did a search on previous posts... and well... apparently I never said anything about this! HOW RUDE OF ME!

Okay... so back in July Jerome and I were suppose to go out to dinner with our Rev for the ceremony to discuss what types of things we wanted for it. We were set to meet for dinner around 5:15 at a restaurant just south of us. That morning I went downstairs to toss some clothes in the washer to wear out to dinner just before Jerome and I left to go shopping in Burnsville. I knew we would be home in time to toss them in the dryer and still be able to leave on time... we were only running a few errands.

Seven hours later we were home. Okay so shopping went a little bit longer... okay a lot bit longer than we had expected. I ran downstairs to toss the wet clothes into the dryer. I noticed that Lil, our cat, had marked some territory in the basement near the laundry room door. (Okay she hasn't been happy with this move...what can I say?). There she was sitting on her scratching post... which was odd... I scolded her and went to get the cleaner from the laundry room. I opened the laundry room door and stepped into a puddle of water. Not just a puddle... a lake! The water was over my shoe. Guess I shouldn't have scolded Lily after all!

Water was spewing out the back of the washer. I yelllllllled for Jerome. No answer. I ran to see if I could shut off the washer... nothing worked. I yelled for Jerome again. I could hear that he had jumped into the shower. I ran up the steps and yelled for him again and he came running down.

We are lucky we didn't get electrocuted... considering there was a deep freezer, mini fridge, washer, dryer all plugged in and sitting in water! Jerome shut off the water... I called Mom and Dad. Ughhhhhhhhh!

Needless to say we cancelled our meeting/dinner with the Rev. We had water soaking into our carpet all the way to where you would walk down the steps... thus why Lil was sitting on her scratching post... and I couldn't feel it because I had shoes on.

The culprit... a faulty clasp and a clogged floor drain. Apparently the washer was on a rinse cycle... kept rinsing and rinsing. Ughhhh for 7 hours!

So..... now we wait.... until today. Today the guys came for the rebuild. We have to have all of the cedar wall planks removed from all of the walls, a few doors need to be replaced, the ceiling in the laundry room needs to be redone and the laundry room needs to be painted. They came on the Monday after the Saturday flood to tear up the carpet to remove the padding below and dry the carpet.... so they need to re-pad the carpet, cleaning and scotch gaurd it, stretch it and mark it with a B :)

So they came today... ripped out the cedar planks, remove the tiles from the laundry room ceiling and painted the laundry room... in my color choice... "honey toast".

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  1. Must be nice having someone come in to do your dirty work! LOL Just kidding! I love the color you picked! In the long run you ended up with a better situation! :)