Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Directions from Minnesota

Generic directions:
Take 94 heading East to 29.
29 is after Menomonie or UW Stout but before Eau Claire.
Take 29 heading East. (this is what you will be on for the majority of the time)
The next time you look for a road change is in Wausau.
You are staying on 29 but it is almost as if one highway has ended and a new highway is beginning - thus it's like you are going on an on ramp to a new highway... but it's still 29.
After Wausau is when you will actually go onto 45.
You will take 45 all the way to New London.
Please watch for deer on this road if you are traveling at dusk/dark.
If you get lost call on our cell phones... yes we do get reception in the sticks!

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