Monday, June 26, 2006

How many bobby pins?

How many bobby pins to you think it took to create this hair? This is from my test run in Hortonville. I give you a guess... there are also rubber bands in there... click on the photos for a larger view of the photos!

Post your guess and I'll post the answer sometime this week :)


  1. When I posted this I stated to Melba that I would blog about this. She hasn't put her number in, so I'll do it for her.

    Melba said 38 bobby pins.

    I know the answer. Jerome knows the answer. And, both of my parents know the answer. Do you want to know the answer... because you all are wrong... very very wrong!

  2. Fine. I double my original answer and say 76.

  3. I bet Jerome knows from having to help take those suckers out. From my memory, it took friggin forever to get them all out of Trisha's hair.

    So with that, I'm going to say 58.


  4. I just wanted to definitely say that I love the hair before I put in my guess.

    I'll guess 95.

  5. Well the answer is 84 bobby pins and 5 baby rubber bands. UGHHHHH.

    It felt like I had a metal plate attached to the back of my head!

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